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Genetic Genealogy &
DNA Services

Would you like to unlock the potential of genetic genealogy in your family history research?

Whether you’re keen to do the research yourself or would like expert attention from a qualified research scientist, we can help. All of our genetic packages can be purchased by the intended user, or gifted to a lucky recipient. Please note that, unless stated otherwise, our autosomal DNA packages do not include a DNA test kit.

Looking to learn the ropes for yourself?

Enjoy a friendly and informative learning session with our Franklin’s Friend experience, or opt for Genetic Mentoring for extra guidance and support as your DNA research unfolds.

Or shall we do the hard work for you?

Let us identify key research directions for your genetic genealogy with The Prospector, or gain a detailed analysis of your autosomal DNA results with The Double Helix.

30 minute
before you buy

If you have any questions about package suitability, please contact us via our online form for a no-obligation, free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs further before you buy.

The Prospector
(From £290)

Has your vast number of DNA matches left you feeling a little overwhelmed? The Prospector will tell you where to find the gold!

This package delves into your existing autosomal DNA results and creates an onward research plan for you to kick-start your genetic genealogy journey. This package includes:

  • 10 focus hours for a professional research scientist to analyse your DNA results and craft a report highlighting matches & strategies to focus on in your onward research;
  • 60-minute, 1-to-1 consultation as part of the focus hours, highlighting the key features of your DNA results and helping you embark on your suggested strategies;
  • Detailed, attractive report including an onward Action Plan.

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Great Gift


Extension Discount

Some clients use our suggested Prospector strategies to continue with their research themselves afterwards. Alternatively, you can purchase some Bundled Hours and we’ll extend the research for you! We offer all Prospector clients a 10% discount on bundled hours if they choose this option.

PLEASE NOTE: The Prospector delivers strategies for your personal use in future genealogy research. It is not a deep analysis package and does not include a DNA test kit. If you have a specific research question requiring in-depth analysis of your DNA results, please consider The Double Helix package, or contact us for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs further before you buy.

The Double Helix
(from £600)

If you’d like an in-depth exploration of your autosomal DNA results, then this is the package for you!

The standard version of The Double Helix (£600) is aimed at individuals who have already taken an autosomal DNA test with a major provider (e.g. Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andMe). The Double Helix package includes:

  • Project development sessions: we’ll consult with you to hone and focus the research;
  • 20 focus hours, used for formal DNA analysis, project development sessions, report writing and quality checks;
  • DNA techniques potentially including cluster analysis, chromosome mapping, phasing and branch development amongst others, according to project needs and available match data;
  • Small reprographics budget for specialist evidence;
  • Detailed report, including insights, charts and key findings, presented in an attractive bound volume.

Please note that the standard Double Helix package does not include a DNA test kit. If you have not yet tested your autosomal DNA, purchase The Double Helix Enhanced (£680), which boosts our Double Helix offerings with an AncestryDNA autosomal test kit to get you started on your journey.

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Franklin’s Friend (£55)

If you’re just embarking on your genetic genealogy adventure, have already had your autosomal DNA tested and would like to learn how to work with your results, then this one’s for you—and for only £55! Your Franklin’s Friend experience will give you...

  • A live one-to-one online session (60 minutes) to develop your confidence with the basics of genetic genealogy;
  • Guidance with sorting and analysing your DNA matches using online tools;
  • Clear strategies for navigating your DNA results at major testing companies including Ancestry and MyHeritage;
  • A printed guide packed with information, tips and advice to support you on your onward research.

Great Gift

We aim to deliver a fun, accessible and informative session that leaves you ready to explore your DNA story!

PLEASE NOTE: Franklin’s Friend is a teaching-focused experience for individuals who have already had their autosomal DNA tested. DNA testing is not included and will need to be arranged separately. Franklin’s Friend sessions are run on an appointment basis, usually on Monday daytimes and Thursday evenings, UK time. During busy periods there may be a short wait for booking slots.

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Genetic Mentoring

If you already have some experience in genetic genealogy but would like some structured support along the way – or you’ve graduated from our Franklin’s Friend experience – then why not consider a programme of genetic mentoring?

  • 1-to-1 live advisory sessions with a professional genetic genealogist;
  • Each 60-minute session delivered via a Zoom video-consultation;
  • Content tailored to your particular requirements;
  • Benefit from demonstrations of analysis techniques and tools;
  • Receive technical advice on interpreting your match data;
  • Gain support in your family history research, all from the comfort of your own home.

Purchase some Bundled Hours (prices shown right) and use your hours as and when you need some mentoring! If you think Genetic Mentoring could be useful for you, please Contact Us to book a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs further.

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2 hours - £62
4 hours - £124
6 hours - £186
8 hours - £248
10 hours - £310
15 hours - £457
20 hours - £605