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Our Philosophy

Don’t neglect the living in favour of the dead

Family history research might involve stepping back centuries into the past, but it’s also inextricably linked to those of us here in modern day. So as well as taking the utmost care over our research into bygone times, one of our guiding principles here at Khronicle® is ‘don’t neglect the living in favour of the dead’.

People matter in the here and now. We value a great relationship with our clients that’s based on trust, good communication, respect for data security & privacy, and upholding our Code of Practice.


We aim to provide a clear dialogue with our clients throughout their research journey. Whether you prefer to get in touch with us via email, phone or letter, we’ll do our best to adapt to your preferred approach.

Online User Accounts

Clients now have the option to create a free user account with us too. Your online user account will provide access to a progress tracker so you can see what’s happening with your project, and a file portal giving you permanent access to any digital outputs from services you’ve purchased from us – whether that’s research reports, visualisation files or educational materials. Our user account is a free service provided on a voluntary, opt-in basis, so there’s no obligation to register for one if you’d prefer to do things the traditional way.

Social Media

If you’re not yet a Khronicle® client or you’d like to get in touch with us over social media, you can message or Tweet us on Twitter, to our account @KhronicleGen. You can also use our contact form here on the website.

Data Security

Respect for clients’ personal data is an essential part of our approach and we operate a data-minimal strategy: we’ll only ask you for personal details which we really need to carry out our work.

What are we doing to keep your data safe?

  • We’re fully GDPR-compliant and IPO registered;
  • Our Continuing Professional Development programme includes training in GDPR implementation;
  • We maintain a full Data Management Plan which is reviewed annually. This means we regularly update our approach to data storage to keep pace with changes in national and global standards – helping to keep your personal data safe;
  • Our encrypted data storage is certified to government standards NCSC CPA(UK), FIPS 140-2 Level 2 (USA), NLNCSA BSPA (NL) and NATO Restricted Level;
  • Our data planning is guided by the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard for data protection;
  • We design our systems and procedures to avoid data breaches from the outset, but we also maintain an action plan, data inventory and information risk register so we can act quickly in the event of any problems.

Security by default and design

Here at Khronicle® we adopt an approach known as security by default and design. This means we make data security a core concern at every stage of our procedures, rather than treating it as an afterthought.

You can access a copy of our Privacy Policy here.

Code of

Our Code of Practice

Hiring an AGRA Associate (registered with the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) means that your researcher works by AGRA’s Code of Practice. This gives YOU the peace of mind that we’ll strive to uphold standards of quality and best practice throughout our work.

We’ll always...

  1. Be honest and discreet in all our dealings with you;
  2. Avoid unnecessary duplication of existing research;
  3. Be clear about the probable and possible outcomes of any research you want us to undertake;
  4. Make reports as clear and as definite as the facts allow;
  5. Clearly explain the reasons behind any problems if we’re unable to resolve part of the research and, if possible, suggest alternative avenues of research;
  6. Strive to quote documents accurately, and avoid citing as authoritative any questionable source;
  7. Seek, when appropriate, to examine original sources;
  8. Respect the confidential nature of a client's work and personal details;
  9. Declare any personal or financial interest which might tend to compromise impartiality towards a client;
  10. If involved in a complaint, co-operate fully with the Association in its investigation.

AGRA’s Code of Practice also sets out what Associates should not do. Here at Khronicle® we’ll never exaggerate or mislead, plagiarise, publish anything we know to be false, withhold information from you or publish client research work without prior consent.

You can access AGRA’s full Code of Practice on their website.